Reverend Raul Hernandez

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Food for Thought

“Where there is LOVE

there is LIFE ”
Mahatma Gandhi

​​Minister/ Reverend / Coach / Speaker

Raul has an extensive experience in life coaching and divine knowledge as evidenced of over 15 years as coach, speaker and minister. 

After spending many years as a minister in the Catholic Church; Raul learned that his path was to serve others to achieve a happy life. It is right after, Raul decided to dedicated himself to teach children,  teenagers and adults the power of believing in God.. Over his years as a teacher, Raul mentored many people to better themselves and reconnect with The Spirit.

In 2000 after many thoughtful years, Raul decided to transition from catholicism to a more involving spiritual connection with God, because to paraphrase  Galatian 3:28 it says " We are "All" the reflection of God in the world."..

Raul trusted the Divine  and became a messenger of love and hope for all in need. 

I pray because I know that God, the "Great I AM" hears and gives me the spiritual direction to excel.

I trust the Divine because I know my path will never be impossible. 

I believe in mentoring, it gives support that ignites the power  that is truly within the human heart.

I know that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

I support same gender marriage, because love is not about gender; Love is Love...